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It’s been quietly suckling away for 8 months and finally my first major narrative is in it’s final illustrations before I begin to print it!

'The Nikahrat' is a woeful tale of modern lore, opening our eyes to the damage that ignorance and torment inflicts on more than what we first perceive.

A preview of the first 18 pages will be available at this year’s London Book Fair (15-17th April) at the University of Gloucestershire’s ‘Pittville Press’ stall. 
The complete book is aiming to be first released at the MCM London Expo (24-26th May) via ‘The Whatnot Tree’ collective.

This book means a lot to me. It blossomed from troubled times and pulled me through a lot of self doubt. The best I can do would be to give it the justice it deserves and share it with as many people as I can.

Maybe it will give someone else the help it gave to me.